Our Team

enter We have an incredible group of people who work with us at RoundTable Technology.

Evan Desjardins
Evan is one of the leaders of RoundTable and runs the business side of things. He’s a visionary in technology and especially in bringing enterprise level cloud technology to small and mid-sized businesses. Evan has a supernatural talent at getting others to get things done and is someone you definitely want leading your team.
Joshua Peskay
Vice President
Joshua is one of the leaders of RoundTable and is often the first person you’ll talk to if you want to start working with RoundTable. He's been helping nonprofit organizations improve their use of technology since the early 1990's and has worked with literally thousands of nonprofits. He specializes in helping organizations be strategic about their technology and make smart choices about services, support and management.
Kim Snyder, PMP
Director of Projects
Kim started working as a strategic thinker for nonprofit organizations in the 1990's, focusing in the area of data systems, workflow and process analysis. An experienced Agile Coach, who is also certified PMP, Kim is a communicator who works tirelessly to ensure that projects meet deadlines and exceed expectations.
Karim Beldjilali
Client Relations Director
Karim is responsible for collaborative partnership and strategic planning with RoundTable’s not-for-profits, facilitating progress towards each organizations meeting its mission and vision. He’s methodical, detail-oriented, and is on a mission to help each not-for-profit partner be as streamlined and efficient as possible, looking at everything from business workflows, to training, to how technology can facilitate process improvements.
Christian Breau
Director of Support & Sales
Christian is our flight traffic controller. He handles the dozens (sometimes hundreds) of requests that come in each day and makes sure they’re getting to the right person and being handled in the right way. It’s a thankless job, where no one notices unless you screw-up. Christian never screws up and we take notice.
Dawn Khan
Director of Technology Services
Dawn is one of our big thinkers. She’s been working with nonprofits for a long time, and has a deep understanding of what they need and a proper disdain for what’s just noise. She helps to shape the focus of RoundTable to make sure we’re providing the right mix of services, and performing them at an elite level.
Ben Gardner
Sales and Finance Administrator
Ben works behind the scenes to keep everything working for RoundTable clients and RoundTable itself. Without Ben, we would collapse into anarchy.
Jeff Pelletier
Senior Engineer
Jeff excels at all levels of IT, from a basic helpdesk ticket through highly complex projects. Like so many of our team members, he's got the technical chops to handle very complex issues, but he's still someone you can talk to and feel like you can understand each other.
Destiny Bowers
Client Relations Manager
Destiny has over two decades of experience managing IT for businesses ranging from sole proprietors to publicly traded international companies. Whether you need general technology guidance, project implementation, or even just some friendly advice on new gadgets and gizmos, Destiny can help you.
Gil Meza
Senior Engineer
When you run into a tech problem you can’t solve, you call us. When we run into a problem we can’t solve, we call Gil. You probably won’t talk to him much (he’s hidden in a bat-cave somewhere and his true identity is hidden), but just like the other Batman you’ll be very glad he’s there.
Jessica Putnam Peskay
Project Manager
When we have a project with a lot of moving parts, Jessica keeps all those parts moving smoothly and on time. She also heads up our web and data projects. She understands the data and web needs of nonprofits as well as anyone you're going to meet.
Anthony Hernandez
Support Engineer
Anthony has been getting technology work done for nonprofits for more than a decade. He’s an incredibly hard worker, reliable, friendly and a highly valued member of the team.
Marc Rowe
Software Architect
If you need to talk to someone who understands business systems, data, and software design, then Marc is your man. He has experience working with some of the largest business systems that we’ve ever encountered, and he makes it look easy at the same time. Marc also understands the value of trying to find solutions that don’t require custom development, and is always looking to “fill in the gaps” in the most efficient way possible.
Tony Acevedo
Data Contractor
Tony is one of those New Yorkers who’s phone number you make sure you never lose. He handles network cabling, security systems and phone system installations. He works harder than anyone you’ll ever know because he’s unwilling to do anything that isn’t to his incredibly high standard. We’ve worked with Tony for fifteen years and counting, and we’ve never called anyone else for contractor jobs since we met him. His website is www.nycdatavoice.com.